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Exclusive Signature Edition

The first edition of this collection will be a special limited Signature Edition. It will be distinctive because it is the only edition that will bear the individual signatures of the artists who created the original designs. Furthermore, in the tradition of fine porcelain collector’s pieces, this edition will be available for a single year only. Thus, the total number of sets in the Signature Edition will be limited to the exact number of subscriptions entered during 1980, plus one set for each artist and one for the archives of the Royal Horticultural Society. Subscribers will receive their plates at the convenient rate of one every other month. The issue price for each plate is just $55, payable in two monthly installments of $27.50 each. Included with each plate will be an informative commentary about the flowers portrayed and the famous artist who created the work. And the collection will also include twelve wall brackets for display of all the plates. A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with the collection, attesting to the status of the Signature Edition as an official issue of the Royal Horticultural Society, crafted in fine bone china and issued in limited edition. This Certificate will bear the signatures of an officer of the Society and the Director of Franklin Porcelain. To acquire the limited Signature Edition of this collection, send the application on this page directly to Franklin Porcelain, Franklin Center, Pennsylvania, by March 31, 1980. No advance payment is required. Franklin Porcelain Franklin Center, Pennsylvania 19091 Please enter my subscription for the Signature Edition of the Royal Horticultural Society’s International Gallery of Flower Plates, bearing original works of art crafted in fine bone china and ornamented with pure 24kt gold. I need send no payment now. The twelve plates in the collection are to be sent to me at the rate of one plate every other month. I will be billed for each plate in two equal monthly installments of $27.50’ each, the first payment due in advance of shipment. GE introduces 100 watts of light for only 44 watts of electricity GE’s new circulate: Imagine some good news about energy. GE’s new Circlite is as bright as an ordinary 100-watt bulb, but uses only 44 watts of electricity. And it fits the majority of table lamps and some ceiling sockets. Just screw the adapter into your present fixture. Then add the light the unique circular fluorescent with a pleasing soft quality that’ll blend in well with your other lighting. And, because Circlite has the life of 10 ordinary light bulbs, you can forget about changing bulbs again for years. Only GE makes the new Circlite system, so only your GE lighting dealer has it. He’ll show you how it can start saving energy for you in your home tonight. Now that’s what you call good news.

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